What inspired Zoe’s Character?

Facing the Grey Book Page-Set-Up PIC

Zoe’s Character was birthed out of my hearts cry and God’s calling. My heart aches for those like me, who are desperate for someone to care. Someone to love them despite their own misery…

The book, Darkness Into Light is not a memoir; because of the diversity of the story, the elements of the story, the overall facts of the story. But, the real-life scenes and feelings experienced are not fictional. They are real. They have happened…in my life, in some of my friends lives, in strangers (I have met) lives too.

She is a combination of myself and many other teens, all screaming out for hope in one main character, or person–Zoe!

It is to show what goes on in our inner thoughts and heart, how that affects our lives–good, or bad. It is the realization that we are not alone when we go through life-trials and pain but, God does call on us through: people, timed events, and memories. To awaken in us hope for something greater! Jesus, our Saviour!

If you can resonate with Zoe, the message of this book is for you. And that message is a clear definition of what God wants to say through it:

You are loved.

You are not alone.

Someone does care.

God is watching out for you.

God sees you in that secret place.

There is a purpose and a plan for your life in Christ!

Your feelings are real, but you don’t have to choose the wrong choice.

And lastly, but most importantly, Jesus loves you incredibly…that He died for you and wants a relationship with you.

You are treasured in Him!

Don’t think this book is only about the un-saved!

Sometimes, we need a reminder of where we came from and why we are living in the Grace of Jesus now. Or sometimes, we need to understand what someone else is going through to truly reach out and love that person for Christ. Maybe, you are secretly being pulled away from God and are tempted to follow after the world.

There is a message in this book for you too!

I pray that you are encouraged as you read through the pages of the book, Darkness Into Light.



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