Do I like being Self-Published?

Do I Like…

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As some of you know, I am self-published.

For those of you who are thinking about going this route, it is a crazy amount of work. This can be a blessing in disguise and build your knowledge base of the writing world. However, that still doesn’t replace the fact that you are the PR, Advertiser, Sales Pitcher, Graphic’s Designer, Type-setter and Book layout designer, Accounts payable/receivable, Website/Blog Manager & Writer, Receptionist and everything else in between…oh, and by the way, you are still the author (book writer & creator)!

Of course, you can assign others to do some of that work but, if you are like me and have no initial output, or spending money…this would cause a big problem. Some prefer to get the graphics for their book done by some-one else and if you are no good at this, by all means, contract that out.

The one thing I DON’T recommend…is being your own Editor!!! PLEASE, for me, for your book, for your readers, get an editor and save up the money to do it! Lately, I have some people interested in representing my book for traditional publishing and half/half publishing (which I never knew even existed) and had some very interesting conversations about the Self-Published industry. To be honest, I was very unaware of the stigmatism’s associated with Self-Publishing within the corporate industry.

I really came at it in such a naive way. I had a book and I wanted a platform that said yes to it! 

Self-publishing originally gave me that start that I was hoping for and every author wants to have: Their book published! They want it in the readers hands with the fresh scent of a new book whipping up at their noses. But, what they forget to tell you is… The Self-published industry has really put a strain on the (secular) Traditional Publishing Corporations. The price of books have declined due to eBook Sales and that platform-type of competition. When you choose Self-Publishing which is mostly sourced from eBook Sales, Publishing houses loose interest in you!

There is still hope for you and your books If you are a good writer however, and create enough buzz around you to get noticed!

But, that Self-Published Title leaves a bad taste in their mouths and it does take a lot to sweetening things up to get them to fall in love with you. My Tips: Love what you do and continue honing in your craft by becoming a better writer everyday! Read and Write everyday! Pray about your work and make sure this is the calling God has set out for you to do.

Now for the real question:

Do I like being Self-Published?

Yes….and no!

Yes, for the ability to get recognized and have the control over my projects that I love. However, I don’t love the idea of doing absolutely everything! Some things are wonderful and I would hope to continue doing. Though, this is not completely the best idea if I want to write many books.

I would love to write full-time and although it is possible with the platform of Self-publishing, It is not ideal! I want to really focus on writing, not so much of the other stuff. I want to write many books and this is hard to do as a Self-Published writer. Though, if part-time is what you are looking for…than this is perfect for you!

My hopes are to be a full-time writer soon and make this my day–and night job lol!

Until I get a good contract, self-publishing will be my journey!

Come along with me and see what God has in store with my future and  the books God has giving me!

Yours truly…



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