Happy New Year, as a NEW writer!

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A lot can happen in one year! 

If I were honest and thought about what people were thinking when I said I wanted to pursue my Career as a WRITER….I would have thought I was nuts!!!

NOW, here I am…

A writer. 

It feels good.

It feels meant-to-be and it feels like a ton of work. I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now. Although sometimes, I question what I was thinking to switch career moves and dedicate my life to the crazy life of a writer. I am grateful that I stepped out in faith to what I felt God doing and followed His lead because there is no better feeling than to be in God’s plans, purpose…and His Will!

So here is a look at the past…

I had no idea what I was doing. Literally, it was blind faith lol! I had my story and my computer.

I knew I would be Self-Published to start and that was it. I didn’t know about Book Covers, Publishing Factors, Publicist Factors, Book Type-Setting, Margins (this is a VERY important one to learn and will save you from getting all excited over the early copies–just to sigh and re-do your work all over again…I mean, everything and then wait for your new copies!). I didn’t even know what Advanced Copies of a book were?!! I knew nothing and learned so many things this past year. Even if I didn’t sell one book, I gained so much knowledge about the Writing world, that I came out better as a writer, anyway!

I wish I could say that is all I did, learning behind-the-scenes lessons but, I didn’t!

I also sold books–this came with its own set of lessons!

You realize what you are made of when you start selling books…or not selling them. You critique, analyze and reflect on every aspect–from the very first blank page to the last sheet of paper within the bound paperback walls of your creativity. It can be the most humbling experience and the most rewarding.

When I got my first royalty check…I felt the reward of work well laboured and loved. However, I also felt the pains and lows of rejection when there were months of no sales. This made me stronger and realistic with my writing. It also makes my future books even better! This is priceless.

Now, with the next book on its way to the final processing, I am geared up for another adventure-packed, mystery-laden journey of being a writer.

What better life to live, then one when imagination illuminates the paths ahead…

Photo Credit | samechicsouth.wordpress.com

The most enjoyable moments of this whole year were times spent with you as the reader and friend. Here is a little note to say Thank you and I look forward to bumping into you from time to time, along that narrow pathway.

Many Blessings,

The Reality Writer


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