Shhhh!!!! I want to tell you a little secret…here is a little sneak peak at a future project.

I have a few different concepts I am working on right now but, this one I had under wraps.

It has been my secret project up till now. I was busy compiling information to make this one a Reality based project while the setting is futuristic. I need it to stay authentic to Reality as that is my vision and heart with every project. It has to be real and believable to authentic life. That is probably why I kept this one under tight lips. It has futuristic elements to it, yet still is true to our everyday life and the book of Revelations.

It might be classified as Dystopia and Sci-fi. Yet, it follows closely to the world’s economy and scientific discovery’s, as well as where that is all taking us while running alongside the book of Revelations.

This project is co-piloting slowly beside my current projects for the Reality Series and I have written the major outlining segments for this project. Although it is still maybe a year off for the final project to be finished, I am so excited. So, without further ado, here is the book cover reveal for Book # 1with a tentative title of:

144 Series – The Escape

144 The Escape Series Book 1


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