Editing & Re-editing, PRIOR to Professional Editing!!

Photo Credit | professionalnoveleditors.com

Last night I read Facing The Grey. I loved it. I felt it.

…And, I couldn’t help but add to it!

I needed to re-edit!

Even though, I have already self edited the book… I think, by editing my book every few months I have: added extra chapters, deleted chapters. But, I always managed to add at least another 2000-3000 words each time! It is amazing. This could very well be an addictive, OCD thing…or, a brilliant thing? Each time I reflect on my book I add more: to a certain character, to certain scenes and to the background noise. Conversations sometimes change and are always edited DOWN! This is simultaneously beside more real bonafide editing or-for me, grammar corrections!

When this book goes to the editor, I want it to be at its fullest peak. It has to shine on its own already.

Then, the professional editing will make it that squeaky, see-yourself-in-the-reflection, exploding, gobsmacking shine that I need it to be in this Market! I have until May, and I will be sure to offer a great book for the Editor then 😀

Facing the Grey whole Book Cover


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