The Love of Writing

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love writing!

I do…

But, that isn’t what keeps me going everyday. It is the heartbeat of writing that keeps me going.

Everyone’s heartbeat is different. Some are loud and deep, penetrating through the chest. Some are weak with barely a hint of vibration through the thin blouse of a dress shirt. Some are small and so tiny, it is barely recognizable on any electronic system. Some heartbeats show signs of sickness and some of despair or heartache. 

We have a cliche saying which goes, “They wear their heart on their sleeve.” 

I want that to be my writing. I want to wear my heart on the pages I write which bear my sleeves.

I want the heartbeat of those pages to emanate my heart in some way, shape or form. Isn’t that what any good writer wants?

So, what is my heart?

My heart is to see souls saved for Jesus…ultimately. 

But, it is also to relate, to ponder life through those, ever so burdened heartaches or emotions, and still have hope in a God who loves us; a God who poured His love and His heart into me, so that I can pour my life and my heart into others.

That is my heart and I love sharing it! 

What is in your heart and what is on the pages you write?

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