Many thanks to those who take the time for reviews!

Reviews are so important for a book and its Author! It is such an incredible blessing to writers when people take the time to give thoughtful reviews! Thank you so much Lena K. and Y. Moriah for your honest reviews!!! … Continue reading

Inspiration and how it is birthed in YA Fiction

Inspiring a YA World… I am a visual person. I am Dyslexic so, I think in pictures and let my imagination flow. When I think of where my inspiration actually comes from, my first thought is experience and memory! I … Continue reading

The Word Guild & Write Canada

I am now an official member of The Word Guild!

So excited for the Writer’s Events and all the things that The Word Guild is apart of. I am looking forward to a great year with them and will keep you updated as well!

There is so much opportunity for emerging authors to connect with other Christians. That to me, is a great encouragement.

Check out the information for Write Canada below!



When To Throw A Chapter In The Garbage…Or Keep It!!

When it just can’t make the cut…. It is Important to throw it in the trash! …Or is it? As some of you know, I am working hard on Book #2 for the Reality Series called, Facing the Grey. I re-read … Continue reading

Facing The Grey…Life is not always black and white!

Why did I choose the title: Facing The Grey? After I wrote Darkness Into Light, which is basically Zoes’ testimony and her life prior to Christ, I wanted to bring to light the battles Christians face when becoming a new believer. … Continue reading

Contests and Categories…

I am looking at being a part of the Word Guild. Right now, I am just mingling and recently went to one of their functions. I was glad that a friend of mine could come with me and enjoy the night together. However, I was very pleased with the group of visitors and even made a few connections with other writers/mentors. They were wonderful to speak with and we ended the night in prayer, which is always a good sign!

Having others who are like-minded and full of Christ makes the atmosphere, the conversation and the experience so much more exciting. They spoke on the industry a little bit too. One thing that really stuck with me about the night was the fact that they were starting an awesome new project at getting new writers recognition and notice in the Word Guild, and beyond. That included some new contests that they were putting on. If I hadn’t gone, I would not have known about this great opportunity to be a part of. So fellow writers, get out and mingle!

It is called IN THE BEGINNING and it is a contest for new authors who are not yet published, or Independently published authors. I entered Facing The Grey’s first few chapters, as it won’t technically be published until later on this year. The contest ends in May and I will keep you all updated with the results!! I am a little worried because I sent them the un-edited version….the book is headed to the editors in May…so just missed it!

If you want to be apart of this opportunity as well–hit the link above! Otherwise, keep praying for me and the writing that God has laid upon my heart!