Facing The Grey…Life is not always black and white!

Why did I choose the title: Facing The Grey?

Facing the Grey Front Cover

After I wrote Darkness Into Light, which is basically Zoes’ testimony and her life prior to Christ, I wanted to bring to light the battles Christians face when becoming a new believer. So often we have so much baggage when we come to Jesus. Yes, he lifts that off our shoulder and we are new in Him. However, we still have to deal with the consequences of our life.

Life isn’t always peaches and cream after. Though we wish it so.

We have to work through our struggles. Our faith is tested time and time again. People are affected by our decisions. There is trust in others we still have to regain or learn to trust again. The hardest one of them all and the most crucial is learning to forgive and be unselfish as Christ was for us, etc. etc.

Life is hard. Especially if we have painful pasts to deal with.

Life as a christian isn’t always black and white!

We have to face our grey areas. The areas we are still working through and trying to figure out. BUT, with our face held high and our eyes set on Christ. Continuing to strive for that higher calling and figuring out our earthly calling. Our portion under the sun. This is often times, the reality that a new Christian has to face.

Hence the reason I chose: Facing The Grey.

I love the new cover!

It shows Zoe looking up towards heaven. Yes, a tear is falling…but, her eyes are set on Christ as a new Christian!

Facing the Grey whole Book Cover

Let me know what you think of the Title to this book!

Or, a title you have come up with for your own book. I would love to hear how you came up with it?



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