When To Throw A Chapter In The Garbage…Or Keep It!!

When it just can’t make the cut….

It is Important to throw it in the trash!

…Or is it?

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As some of you know, I am working hard on Book #2 for the Reality Series called, Facing the Grey. I re-read what I have written so far and built the time-line for the story. A time line is my life line in making stories. It helps me to keep focused on the original outline and intentions for the story.

So after working on my book, I usually put it down and leave it for up to a week. I won’t even try to think of the book at all! This helps me to read it from the readers perspective instead of the writer’s.

Well, I did that and was captivated!

I was well pleased with the story line and where it was going. Until, I hit a crucial chapter (so I thought).

The chapter seemed to come out of left wing! It didn’t make any sense and it took the reader too far away from the plot for the chapter to seem believable. Although, it was a massive part of the plot-and very believable in real life-it just didn’t fit at all. I had to really re-evaluate the Chapter’s purpose and reasoning. Hence, why a Timeline is very important for a book. I checked back to it for guidance. It helped to regain focus and see meaning, or value in the main sections of the book leading up to the plot. It turned out this particular chapter needed a major adjustment. It actually diverted the final purpose of the book itself.

Now, what to do with it?

Obviously, it needed to get cut.

Or did it?

My first thought was to cut it. But, then I re-read it and struggled because it was so crucial to the plot and the link to the previous book…So, what do I do now? I was so frustrated.

Then, honesty was my best friend and I had to admit…my writing was not top-notch there. Maybe I needed to re-write it. But, that didn’t work. It was just too far-fetched for the story line even after re-writing it.

Then more honesty hit. Maybe I just needed to write it even better. Or, maybe I needed to change the plot? These are very candid thoughts that I had.

What I chose to do, was to keep the plot outline but, approach it better.

I needed to have hints for the reader leading up to this main plot idea. Engage the reader bit by bit, captivating them and bringing them deeper into the plot so it wasn’t such a huge jump. I also needed to move the Chapter and give the reader more time for it. In reality, I needed to be a better writer and that is okay!

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There is however, a time to just chuck the writing altogether, out!

I have many times just ripped out pages and crossed out paragraphs  (even with this book now) because it was already stated earlier and was redundant or, it just didn’t make any sense to the reader…Though I could imagine what it was at the time I wrote it, they most likely will not see the purpose of that section or, envision it quite like I intended, etc.

But, it is best sometimes just to re-evaluate and be honest with ourselves…Or, maybe we just need to re-write it, placing it in a different part of the story.

Ultimately, we should know our readers and write for them, honouring God each step of the way!

This post was originally posted at http://www.reality-writer.blogspot.ca


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