Inspiration and how it is birthed in YA Fiction

Inspiring a YA World…

I am a visual person. I am Dyslexic so, I think in pictures and let my imagination flow. When I think of where my inspiration actually comes from, my first thought is experience and memory!

I remember intensely what I felt, thought and experienced as a teenager because much of those moments shaped who I have become and wedged my path in life. These are crucial times and instances that mould us and like a small rudder turns and cuts the stream of the ocean, so does these small moments cut through life and leads us into new, or dangerous waters.

I want to help guide that rudder to New Life and make the person steering it realize potential dangers through my stories;Understand that they are normal and feel things that are normal, but bring a very distinctive reality to the fact of the impacts from these small decisions in their life.

Inspiration lends itself from many areas in my everyday life too!

Places I go and things I see, I log away as inspiration for later as plots, places, people, or situations that might occur to enhance the plots’ main idea. They are never the exact same as the real life experiences because it has to follow the story which is being written, but adds such an incredible dimension to the story itself. It is richer. It is fuller.

Other times I look for some inspiration online too! Here are some pictures I found that stood out as potential story placements/people/plot lines etc.

Take a look:



Where does your inspiration come from?

Here are the photo Links….Please be advised that I do not condone many of these sites and the pictures are here only to show you ideas of inspiration that I had. Please keep that in mind:




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