Writing plots when angry = MURDER!


Writing plots angry = MURDER!

I always wondered why Janette Oke’s male character’s died. Now, I have a theory! She must have wrote that part angry.

Every time I started to fall in love with one of her male characters, they died! I couldn’t understand why as a writer, she would do that? Now I can understand. You see, I went to start a new book. Well, I actually already started it. I am in the second chapter. The intentions rise as we learn more of each character. But, I was frustrated that day. I have been for many days. We have to move and they say it is the most stressful thing you can endure. On top of that, there is no where for us to move to. We have no home yet. Moving seven people is bad enough. Moving them to nowhere, is intense. Not to mention all of our other responsibilities and with school ending, kids music lessons ending, my work, my husband having to have surgery, writing, our church ministry…well…we are trying to hold on to faith and trust–peace and reassurance. Yet sometimes, we fall prey to frustrations and discontentment. This one day was that day. Because of that frustration, I was tempted to put arsenic into the story line–way too early! Not literally. But, you get my point.

It was an “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” moment!

I had to rethink and step away from the keyboard. It was not a good scene lol! We have to remember the story we want to tell, keep characters in character and not lose sight of the final product we are trying to reach in telling our story. This can be a difficult thing for many writers because we write in our homes often. If our home environment is not good, it can be reflected in our writing.

My advice: Get out and enjoy life!


You’re writing and readers will thank you later!

Unless a slow, painful, and agonizing death is what your goal is…take my advice! Find some joy in your days. Pray and seek God each morning and get some fresh air!

Godliness with contentment is great gain–even in you’re writing!



2 thoughts on “Writing plots when angry = MURDER!

  1. Good advice! I’ve also went on a free-writing frenzy to flush out my emotion. The things that are purged onto paper become ideas and stems for later projects, characters, quirks, additions, etc. I’m so glad I ran across your page. 🙂

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