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I am currently reading Stealing the Preacher (The Archer Brothers Book #2)and so far I LOVE it. When a book makes you cry, that is good writing! I am on the final chapters and can’t wait for a review so, I had to mention it in the update first!

I should have really called this the Romance Book Review. Seriously! I don’t know what provoked me to go to Romance books. It must have been the fact that they were on sale and I had no books to read. Plus, I needed a different avenue of reading for a bit. Sometimes one genre is too hard to read books back to back in. Its nice to break it up. I consider these reviews as my ‘cleansing palette’ books. Then, its back to YA Lit. Yay!

Harvest of Blessings (Seasons of the Heart)was the first one I read in my palette cleanse. I honestly almost didn’t buy this. It looked too adult-ish for me. But, I was pleasantly blessed by this book. I loved the sinner-saved picture and rewritten story of the prodigal son. Or, daughter should I say. And surprisingly, I loved how Charlotte weaved in the antagonist to bring in a little edge to her writing. The flirtatiousness comments were definitely for adults only, yet clean enough for the adults to respect. See my full review and the star rating I will be giving this book on the page link above!

The second book I read was called Just Beyond the Clouds: A Novel (Cody Gunner)by Karen Kingsbury. When I saw this book I had to get it because I have not read any Karen Kingsbury books yet and really wanted to.

This was a good novel. Pretty foreseeable for me though. However, it was such a tender story and I absolutely adored Carl Joseph and his girl! I thought Karen really knew them and portrayed the characters so well. You can see my full and starred review later on my Christian Focus Review Page above!

Well, that is my book review update. Hope you are getting a lot of summer reading in as well. Tell me, do you also cleanse your reading palette with a genre that you don’t normally like to read? Comment below because I love to hear from you! Plus, keep an eye out for the starred reviews later when I have a chance to update the page!




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