Faith Filled Music Interview!

Hello everyone!

I just got word that an Interview I was privileged to do went live and I wanted to share the link with you, if your interested in reading it.

I know I focus mostly on writing as opposed to music-since this is a musician that I interviewed-however, I still wrote it. That makes it creditible, right? Anyway, I figured you might like it regardless 😀 Here is the Link: Faith Filled Family Magazine | Matt Price Interview Matt Price Promo Photo 1 Check out their online articles at : Also, I will be posting the starred reviews later than expected for Up In The Clouds by Karen Kingsbury and Stealing The Preacher by Karen Witemeyer. I must have been in a Karen mood! You can find out more in one of my recent posts here.

We have had a family emergency. Please pray for my family as we trudge through the realities of life. “Life was never promised to by easy,” one famous singer has quoted. That is true and I ask for your prayers to our Father who promises to always be with us.

Another quick update is that I am working on getting video’s to post when I get book hauls! That is exciting for me. So, I will keep you updated on that as well. Plus, of course, Facing The Grey which is due out in November if all goes well. Facing the Grey Front Cover Happy Reading, 3484c-realitywriter7clogo


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