Across Canada & Back in 10 days!

So, yeah! We just drove 10,000 kms in 10 days.

Worth it when you know the cause, but incredibly insane at the same time. I was supposed to be finalizing/working on editing FACING THE GREY with my lovely editor at Golden Wheat. Whom, I had to jet out on-literally-and leave hanging…bad author!

😦 *Hanging head low, feeling the shame*

Then, we got the phone call…

My Grandmere in Quebec had just past away. It rocked my world and worse yet, I couldn’t say goodbye. I couldn’t hold her hand…I couldn’t reassure myself she knew my Saviour and was entering on the right side of heaven. You see, I have only just begun getting to know them. I have only had the last 5 years with them and they are on the other side of my entire Country. My dad told me he was by her bedside and read to her in John in her last moment. It flooded relief through my soul and joy in my heart. I clung to that hope. But, it couldn’t change the fact that I wasn’t the one there.

I had to go!

It was Wednesday. I had to at least make it for the funeral (which was that Monday with a viewing on Sunday).

But, I couldn’t fly. I am-to say the least- nervous about flying. Especially after a death recently. It was just not happening. Plus, responsibilities with my husbands needs wouldn’t allow a long visit. It had to be 10 only. He is a Pastor and there is no way around it. No one to cover our little congregation. So he came up with an idea. Drive there and back. I agreed. Yet, it had to be literally that night-after service. We packed for 5 kids on a whim, asked Grandparents in the area to help. They said yes and we were off in the night. Heading to the far East. Just me and my husband. Adventure and sadness shinning in the headlights ahead of us.

What an adventure it was. I am so thankful that I was able to go. To grieve. To minister. To have time alone with my husband. To read. It was needed.

Here are some Photos from our trip:


We were off and driving…Alberta is full of Rocky Mountains…so, no photos there. But, we did start getting some come the real prairies–Saskatchewan. I LOVED IT!

IMG_1064 IMG_1075

Please don’t tell anyone! I creased my corners *cringing* I know!


Very few things in life make me happy. But, having Happy Planet sure does 😀



Travel Food. YUM!


We were so excitted to reach Rouyn-Noranda. At first we didn’t realize we would be driving through this part of Quebec. It is the place of my birth and literally I hadn’t been there since. My mother has a photo of her in front of that very fountain. Beautiful city and home of the Copper mines of Canada. Who knew?!


You can’t go through Ottawa without at least stopping by the Parliament buildings! I was a little disturbed as they were having the day of YOGA? What is next, day of meditation? Weird?


During Homeschooling we learned a lot about one man named Tecumseh. He was integral to the war of 1812. My son William loves him and so my husband just had to lol!


This should just go without words. It was a moment I will never forget.


Here is the church in which the service was held in Sorel. It was beautiful.


We couldn’t escape Quebec without ministering. Once people and friends caught wind that we were there, we were asked to sing and my husband to preach, and we were honoured to do it. This is the wonderful Congregation in Montreal. Here is me singing 🙂 I cried. I hope they didn’t post it on line!


On our way back home in Ontario, they have the smallest forest. It is so strange for us living on the West Coast where the base of a tree is the width of my husbands arms alone. He is 6 foot 2 and that was how high they went. It was so funny, we had to take a picture!


And of course, we had to get some Wheat!! It was nummy, fresh.


This is what I mostly did. My husband is such a trooper!! Well, I drove a bit. A tiny bit. But, he wouldn’t let me. He said I was too slow! No, I am not offended. Why, not with an awesome book in hand! *smiling wide*

Well, that is it.

I hope your summer is finding you well. I hope through tragedy you can still look at the bright side and rest in hope. Most of all, don’t give up on you’re calling and don’t stop living.

Life is just too short!

Many blessing,



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