My First Christian Fiction Book Haul

YA/ Historical Romance AND Dystopian.

I know…

I just had to get it all in!!!

Okay, so I finally have got the video done in my crazy life. I haven’t gotten a chance to edit it…but if I did, you probably would have to wait another month-that is how busy I am right now lol!

Here is the Video of the my First Christian Book Haul: YES! 

one thing I noticed was, there wasn’t many Christian Book Haul‘ers out there. Especially for Fiction. There was one other on that I found on YouTube and her name is JoJo’sCorner (I think that is how she called it–sorry JoJo, if that is not your name) I was super happy to find her and enjoyed her video’s.

So, without further ado:

(Please let me know in the comment below if these videos are working 😉

If you want to purchase any of the books linked in the video above you can in a number of ways.

  1. Hit the link on my twitter account and it will bring you right to Amazon. make sure you follow e t get all the latest updates there @RealityWriter4G. (All the links are provided for your convenience and I will be commissioned on them only if you purchase from these links.)
  2. Wait for my starred review’s on my page for Christian Book Reviews and click on the picture icon or name of the author and it should also bring you to Amazon
  3. I could link them on this page too…but, I wanted to let the video doing the talking this time. Let me know if you want the convenience of the links on this page for the net one by commenting below 😀

Until the next video….which will be a CHRISTIAN FICTION BOOK CHAT! So, keep up and hit the subscribe button!!!

What books should I get next?

Let me know!


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