Autumn News: I am going to be PUBLISHED!!!! #SoExcited


*Trying to stay calm*

I have an announcement to make. Yes… I know you know already because of the title for this blog but…


WOW. So humbling to say that. I really needed prayer and–thank you to all those who prayed for me via twitter etc.

But, we felt God leading us to one of the publisher’s interested in my book. We held off just in case and prayed some more to be sure. Then, they came back with an offer we really would have been silly not to take. So, now I can say that I will be traditionally published and I am so excited. This really is such a blessing. With Darkness Into Light, I had to do so much work and little writing was made. It took me nearly a year just to promote the book and was excruciating to say the least. With this book, I can focus on the writing and hone in on the craft. Ahhh… feel the release of pressure…

Many more books are coming down the pipes people… many more works 😀 

Oh and I wanted to point out that I will be getting my book reviews up soon now that this chapter has begun! I have lots more reading to catch up to as well… so this is awesome news for me and you! Plus… keep an eye out on the new Christian YA Books and More Youtube Channel as well.

Christian YA Books and More usable LOGO

Please continue to pray that this work Honour’s and Glorify’s God in every step and in every word. 

Here is the old book over and may or may not change… keep your eyes and ears open! Good night and God bless.

Facing The Grey | Whole Book Cover



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