From Cookie cutters to under the covers to treasure and mystery …

Well, I started out this month well. Anticipating rolling out dough making candy cane bark, cinnamon buns, and sugar cookies with my kids; Finalizing school for my exams and for their Christmas break, helping organize my house for get togethers and dinners. Not to mention maintaining and keeping it clean. Plus others things. Oh! And the book deal… who could forget about that. *wink* I got my letter about production outlining and December is the start of action for things to begin!

Then, life happened…

I got sick!

Mom’s just can’t be sick.

I went from cookie cutter’s to under the covers in no time flat. I was out! Snivelling wreck that I was, I also got some precious down time and reading time. I read my bible everyday with no interruptions, which was a treat! I had been on a reading slump after Luminary. Though it was a good book, it wasn’t what I was expecting initially and so it was hard to get into.  Plus, the first half wasn’t as good as the last half. Needless to say, I hit a block. A readers block! I looked at my shelf and hummed over what I should read next since I had the time.

There were two Christmas books that I got from Revell (Yay Revell!). One looked sort of interesting but, seemed short. The other was about a family who were empty nesters and having a hard time on Christmas. To me, I can’t relate to that stage yet… I am at the “can’t wait until they get out of the house” stage still! Then, there was real mystery and danger… which coming from candy canes and cookie cutters I wasn’t really looking forward to. On the very top of my shelf I found a new book I recently picked up for the summer. It is called The Secret of Pembrooke Park. Now, as some of you remember, I am not the History Fiction kind of girl… I don’t know if I could actually commit yet to that.. but one author convinced me so far and now another author has doubled that! That author is none other than, Julie Klassen!

I read her book so quickly. I’m glad I had the time to do it too while sick in bed. Though I still had to get up and feed children or tidy as best as I could, getting them off to school some-what a mess, I usually looked forward to falling back into the Pembrooke Park-world.

I adored the dollhouse and and most of the characters. The mystery was just enough to not overshadow the love triangles. It was beautiful, touching and monumental all the same. I cried at the end of the book. So wonderful when a book gives you all the “feels.” Though, I would hope a preacher would have more, em, propriety.

Wanna read an awesome book full of treasure, prestige and mystery, then you must read Julie Klassen’s The Secret of Pembroke Park!

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The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

Another book I am excited to read from her is:

The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen


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