Book News and Author Photos

We are starting to make progress on the finer details for Facing The Grey 😀


So, I was just notified that the cover is almost done and I think it will be great. Not sure what to expect really? But, none-the-less, I am super pumped. That means we are so much closer to the release date. Which hasn’t been decided on quite yet because the editing portion isn’t entirely completed. Once that is done, we should know more. *I am giddy over here* If it takes as long as I think it might, it will be like Christmas in March!

Also, I have started a BookTube channel called ChristianYABooksAndMore as some of you know. But, with so much going on here for book deadlines, chapter meetings, family, and ministry; I decided to halt it (not stop it), just for a bit. I want to make sure I know what I am doing… like thumb nail pics. And make sure I have some editing tools, to make it look cool for you. That shouldn’t be too long-I promise. Also, I am considering doing some videos and testing the waters… see what everyone thinks first… Then, maybe jump all the way in when my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall.

*shrugs shoulders* We’ll see?

Not to mention, those of you who love my songs, I also plan on doing some covers soon for ladykmusic26 on YouTube. You can check that out too if you like?

So that is it for the book news…


I am so thankful for friends!

What would we do without them?

I have a dear friend, who I know is already amazing at violin and noticed she did photography too. My publisher asked me to start getting my author photo package together and send it in for the book. I was happy and scared. I hate posing. But, in front of a friend… someone I respect and am comfortable around… Then, it isn’t so daunting. Right? I thought about schedules and how hard it can be. Maybe she wouldn’t say yes?

Oh! Why not?

I decided to ask for fun anyways. You know what? She said yes! The only thing that didn’t hold up was my hair lol! She did an amazing job!!! I am so proud to say she is my friend and now my photographer!!!


Thank you Julia!

Check her out on her blog:

Or you can like her on Facebook: JuliaSFyfePhotography

Here is some of the photos… which one is your favourite?

Melanie Kilsby | Author Photo 1-2016Melanie Kilsby | Author Photo 2-2016Melanie Kilsby | Author Photo 3-2016Melanie Kilsby | Author Photo 4-2016







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