Knowing what you’re good at!



The age old question.

In high school, there was so much preassure to know what you were going to spend the rest of your life doing before heading off to college. I had no clue. I knew very little about myself. The things that I loved weren’t going to land me a job and having no money going into to College didn’t help the matter. I felt the heavy weight of the future and had to make a decision. I made a bad one. I chose to be a teacher. I hated history. I wasn’t good at a lot of subjects. I didn’t mind CHEM, Science, or Entrepreneurial studies, but I was good at art! And I LOVED to write. However, I was afraid of it and felt incapable of achieving my dreams through art or writing. Maybe I wasn’t good enough? Plus, I was dyslexic… though I didn’t know it at the time. So, I tried to go for dreams that other people made for me; What they thought I was good at, I listened to their kind, but impersonal advice.

What happened was a huge bill, a troubled and confused student, a drop out and no money… again.

I had to pay off that semester and it wasn’t pretty. It took a long time.

Later on in life I realized my mistake. Though, it was meant well, I listened to other people and didn’t do what God had already placed in my heart to do. I just didn’t have confidence in it yet.


After I cowardly left college I easily found a job. Not a very good paying job, but a job nonetheless. I was attending church and ministry opened up for me. To sing and create my own music, and to design flyer’s and/or brochures. This was God leading me into His calling for my life. I just had to step through it, and I did! This work was easy for me because it came natural. It was a joy because I was meant to do it. Yes, grammar and spelling is still terrible for me (I need proof-reader’s and editors)… but creativity, that is my gift. It took this time in my life to realize it. I was so grateful for all the ministry I was given and still am given. There, I am able to hone in the God-given gifts I was given. For His glory, nonetheless. And that feels amazing! It is now what I love to do and has given me the steps to become the writer I am today; As well as the confidence in my abilities to finish what God had started the day I left college.


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Just don’t. Don’t do it. Think of the good things God has done in and through your life. It is not worth it, unless you use it for the good. When I look back on college now, I am not sorry, but thankful. Thankful I learned my lesson right away and thankful I didn’t continue in my misery, only to be doing a job I absolutely hated for the rest of my life. I am honestly thankful for my failures. They make me better… if I am willing to learn from them. So don’t be afraid of failures. Use them. Use them for God’s glory and ask what direction He wants you to follow. He has a plan for your life and what you do with the talents given to you, matter to Him.


I recently enrolled in University. I am only doing a few courses at the moment. But, I accomplished a milestone in my life by completing my first course, with a decent grade too. This was merely to face my giant. I was so thankful God allowed me to do it and it was a sacrifice. But, I did it. It will help to launch me into the career God has placed before me. It will help me get better at the talent’s He has given me. It has taken me this long to realize all that He wants from my life and I am sure it will change again in the future. However, I needed to have the confidence and He knew that, so He allowed me and gave me the opportunity to go back to University. He knew it mattered to me. And He gave me the ability to find the right stones and take down my goliath. What is holding you back? What is the Goliath you need to face and take down?


Let the word of God be a map unto your feet and pray God helps you, directs you in your path. And don’t be afraid of picking up some stones to take down your Goliath. Do what you were created to do and heed God’s voice. Not afraid of making mistakes, but letting them carve out your destiny! Go and seek wisdom from those who truly know you and know God. Glean from the word and don’t be afraid of those giants. God knows, you were made to overcome them and conquer them!

As always,

Happy reading & writing!



2 thoughts on “Knowing what you’re good at!

    • Hi Maria! Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ It is difficult to make wise choices, don't be discouraged 😀 Seek God first and all things shall be added unto you… that is a promise. Something to cling to and hope for!


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