Springing into BookTube and Interviews!


I am so ready for this beautiful weather. The tulips, the blue bells, the grassy heather plants and budding trees. Robins chattering in the bush and pulling up their morning breakfast. YES! Spring is here and I am excited. So many great things coming. So many new things.

I am currently writing the new book in the Reality Series called Hidden Identity. I have had to do a lot of research for it. I’ve had to get my head into a few things and really understand them. Now, I am fresh with new ideas! Also, I have the first ever copy of Facing The Grey heading my way via “Canada Post” and I am sincerely over the moon, happy! I am hoping it looks great, inside and out. Don’t worry I will keep you in the loop and maybe on BookTube… Speaking about all you lovely BookTubers…

I have not forgotten about you lol! Though we have been extremely busy, I have been working away in the background on a few different projects.

One being, finding a new camera! My lovely little explorers took my camera on an adventure and ended up killing it. No, they didn’t bury it. They thought I could bring it back to life. Alas, I could not. Now, we need a replacement and I want it to be good for multiple purposes. And also a good deal. Hence, why it has taken me so long to post another BookTube video. Oh, the BookTube Videos I could have been making… Wwwhhhahahhhaaaaaaa! *ignore the ugly crying*

To note: A couple of my great friends on BookTube has made wonderful suggestions for me too. You can check out their channels here: Sara Ella & Between Chapters. Sara Ella did a great video where she mentions me. The kids saw it and thought I was famous lol!! It was so cute and precious. Eventually, I had to tell them the truth. I did revel in it, a tiny bit. Hey! I have to take all the praise I can get from those guys. *wink*

Then, it got worse. The beautiful darlings I call children, decided to rip out the ear phones from the computer I edit my videos from and got the small metal piece lodged into the earphone input. Now, there was no sound.


Yes. I was that devastated. But, I think we found a solution… Now, we wait for it in the mail. So, needless to say…. we are working on it and hopefully soon you can expect some great WrapUps, Hauls, Book and Coffee Chats, and so much more!

Next up, we have a few interviews coming in April. One of them being with the amazing MELANIE DICKERSON! *squeals* Sorry. It’s Epic for me. I love her writing.

If you want to check me out on Goodreads, I also post all of the books I read there and am part of some great clubs!

Follow me on Twitter or this blog to keep up to date! Once, my book is ready for pre-sales, I am doing some giveaways…. so please keep in touch 😀

Besides that, HAPPY SPRING ❤


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