April Reads, May BookTube Tags and Updates

Hi guys, I have been super busy at home and getting ready for the summer.

Before I begin, Congratulations to the US and Canada winners of Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson!

Beautiful Pretender Author Allowed

Thank you for all of those who participated, commented and just loved on Melanie Dickerson 😀

I have been working on book reviews, BookTube videos and of course the newest book in my Reality Series called Hidden Identity (Though this is a working Title).

I’ve also been getting to know some great authors along the way and reading amazing blog posts to better my writing. This is always important as a writer; Getting better and honing in on your craft.

Some hefty goals are looming in the future for me to attain in the next month. I have increased my daily writing goals and weekly writing goals to aim for a higher word count on Hidden Identity.Normally I try to get to 60, 000. I think I would like to get to 90, 000.

Also, I have my new blog series I am still working on for you guys. Keep on the look out for another instalment for that soon! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think too. I want to hear from you.

I have been busy putting together some BookTube Tags that have been needing to get done. Next on the list is a Book Haul!!! Which I am so excited to share with you. If you missed catching my video’s on Youtube, I will put them in here:

(This post contains affiliate links, if you choose to use these links to purchase anything, I will receive a small portion)

So, here are the books I read in April! You can see all of my reviews of these books on the page Christian Focused Book Reviews. Hope you love them as much as I did!


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