Imagination Is Key

Foreign places, faces, and interesting spaces,

Can be created through illustrated segments of our imagination.

Not always, on the ground, are they found.

But, in the soles and the footholds of our imagination.

Being apart, writing parts of beating hearts.

The Writer’s Imagination | Melanie Kilsby Copyright 2016


When I am thinking about a new character, a new setting, or place to put my book in, I look to my imagination first.

I want it to be original.

Our imagination sets us apart. We are different. A lot of what we imagine is determined by how we process thoughts creatively: How we interpret people,our experiences with people; The way we grew up, our city, our friends, our family, what we read, what we watch, what our interests are/are not, etc.

When writing characters, they may not be anything like you. That’s when real imagination comes into play.

I write Contemporary Fiction based off of reality. So, I want it to reflect real life issues but feel authentic to any reader, too.

When I write the voice of my character I want it to, not only reflect the person I imagine it to be in appearance or sound, but literally be the person so others can imagine it with you. This will require a lot of your imagination. Outside influences, knowledge, and research also play a factor. But, if you can not put yourself into the story with your imagination. Or create new things from imagination, this process will be difficult.

Imagination is key.

I normally don’t write this genre, but for imagination sake, let’s just say on paper that I have a steampunk black male who lives in London. But what do you imagine from that? Think about it…

I will need to have imagination to pull out details surrounding this person.

What are the proportions of his face? Round or almond eyes? Thick or thinner lips? Long or wide nose? How tall? How dark is his skin? What about his hair? Short? Long? Braided in a cool design? How old is he?

Now, what kind of style of steam punk? Long black leather jacket? Short jagged brown jacket? Cargo pants or leather pants? Goggles? Lantern? Wrist watch? Pocket watch? How old and what details are in each item? You can try to pull things out on Pintrest, but if you can’t imagine it on your character, that will be pointless.

Now for the person or the personality of your character, does he have an accent? How heavy/light? What does it sound like? Where in London is he? Is he serious? Funny? A quite thinker? Speaks his mind too much? A warrior? The mechanical genius? A side character or main character? A strong Christian? A weak Christian? The only faithful Christian? Or villain? Maybe he is the key to finalizing the plot? Maybe he is the problem? Maybe he creates problems unintentionally? Maybe he’s the hero? Does he have any unique gifts?

Now, after you have built your character in your mind, can you imagine him with other characters? How does he react? Respond? Or, maybe not respond?

Try out a few scenes in your mind…

It takes imagination to illustrate a character’s role and importance in the ‘whole’ of the story and to see where they ultimately fit in.

So, while the sun is out and summer is bidding you imagination into warm and lush getaways, don’t forget about building your characters. Give them freedom through your imagination and express them in writing. Don’t be surprised to see what miracles God can work out for His Glory through you and the characters He has put on your heart!!



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    • Hi Hannah 😀 Thanks for thinking of me. For some reason, my dyslexic brain can’t grip the visual concept of what I should do exactly. Can you DM me on Twitter and explain again what the expectations are. I will definitely participate then.


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