Looking For Christian BookTubers?

Ladies and Gents, I recently found a post regarding the BookTube community and it’s lack of Christian Content. Though some may be Christian in Faith, it seems that the books they read neglect to reflect that. BookTubers who are Christian … Continue reading

Sad News…

I am sorry to announce that my book will not be published through it’s current Publisher because of news that has come quite suddenly. The following article:

TATE PUBLISHING CLOSES IT’S DOORS explains what has happened. Those who have read FACING THE GREY, will be sad to hear this as we have waited so long just to get this book out there. But, I am excited to continue on with new stories and continuing to get FACING THE GREY out there again 😀

I will try and keep you updated on everything. In the meantime, don’t forget to read our monthly book over on Goodreads and follow me on Booktube!

Happy Reading ❤