Looking For Christian BookTubers?

Ladies and Gents, I recently found a post regarding the BookTube community and it’s lack of Christian Content. Though some may be Christian in Faith, it seems that the books they read neglect to reflect that. BookTubers who are Christian want to be encouraged by what others are reading, inspired to get new books like the ones in other’s Hauls but feel immense pressure from the already current Secular main stream. But we can change that. And, we are…

I’ve noticed an obvious spike in Christian BookTubers entering the scene. I feel this is in part of the growing desire for more Christian content. But, also in part of the ground breakers who started this niche trail out, giving others confidence enough to try the narrow path out themselves.

Here is a list of those such BookTubers!

Me, Christian YA Books and More :D:

For more fictional book tubing like mine, you can check out:

Angela at Coffee & Chapters:

Lindsey from BFCG:

Shantelle and Books:

There is also:

Olivia Rose in Bloom:

Rissi JC:

Grace Morris (who just started) :

For Bible, devotions, etc. you can check out:
Ashley and Taylor at Coffee and Bible Time:

Girl Defined ministries:
(which I love)

Anna Willemstein


There are others who don’t seem to post as often. Also, if you are looking for those who read clean books & Christian, I can recommend that and great authors who post about the books they read that are Christian too.

This list could also include you! let me know in the comments below 😀


11 thoughts on “Looking For Christian BookTubers?

  1. Wow, thank you for including me! It is such a honor! =D

    I’m going to have to take a look at the other channels mention. I’m always on the look out for other Christian Booktubers.

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  2. Hi Melanie! I LOVE this post!! I literally was searching for Christian booktubers and was discouraged there weren’t more. I only knew of you, Angela and Lindsey. I’m so excited to find three new ones that do Christian/clean fiction! I don’t have a booktube channel, but I do blog and am active on Goodreads (Megan Scott). I try to do clean reads (that’s the subtitle of my blog), and I will always list the content at the end of the review. My blog is Faery Tales Are Real: http://faerytalesarereal.blogspot.com/.

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