The Daughter of a King

What determines our identity?

Recently I have been on a quest to pursue my Royal blood line connections. Fascinating stuff as it is, it is a daunting task. I know there is Royal blood in me because my DNA links to those who bear it. Determining which line it comes from, and how far back, is another thing!

Who are we and where do we come from?

I think that is the question that kept nagging in my mind as I followed along some rabbit trails. Along the way, I’ve learned some amazing facts. Like pioneers that settled in Quebec from Scotland and how tough their lives really were, even enduring the cholera break out. Like the battle for the Stuart throne through the Erskine family and my ancestors being thrown into prison. Money being lost or forced from, making families learn how to farm instead of sipping tea, dabbling in stocks, building or trade markets. History is fascinating.

But that’s all it is, history.

Can I learn from it?

Absolutely. There is much to learn from history. We don’t have to make the same mistakes and this can be a great tool for us going into our future. But, is it our identity?

What and how does that impact the future? Is the past relevant in who we are currently?

Not really.

I understand God himself found it important which blood line He chose for His child. It was well known He came from the line of David. History is absolutely important… but it is not what determines who we are today. Though I have these peoples blood rushing through my veins, it is not my identity in and of itself. Only one thing can determine that. My faith and becoming a child of God through…


Truly, He is the reason I am of Royal blood. Him alone. He is my identity, my armour, my shield, my crest and banner, which I proudly display. I am grafted in. Adopted. In full rights of inheritance. Therefore, a daughter of the King!

I don’t need a Scottish Castle that is going into ruins (though absolutely beautiful), I will have mansions which God had said He is building for me in Heaven. That is my home and legacy. The one I look forward to as my current and future identity– the King of all Kings, whom I pledge my allegiance!

Let God, our Father, be your future and everything you claim to be. Let the past be what it is…history;

History He wrote with blood lines He decided to create you with. As fascinating as it may be, He has grafted you into a new line–His!

Let His line be your legacy 😀


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