NaNoWriMo 2017 & Goodreads Book Club!

I am super excited to write this post!

Angela (over at Coffee&Chapters) and I are heading up NaNoWriMo through our Goodreads Book club. Typically we read a book together as a group for the month and then, we all participate in a “Live Show” hosted on Angela’s channel.

We have featured two books that are written by club members on the group and thought NaNoWriMo would be an awesome idea to do together. I’ve written most of my self-published books through NaNoWriMo and I know it will be super fun. I’ve been loving all the participation of our group members in the conversation and I have no doubt that we will have a lot of interest doing NaNoWriMo too!

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This is one of our book adventures:

Here is the announcement from Angela’s channel for NaNoWriMo:


I have been working on a couple of books, but because there was and is such a great interest for my Fairytale Retellings, I will focus on just one…


I decided to go with my Snow White retelling.

Eira White | Potential Book Cover

Eira White is haunted by nightmares that she can’t escape from.

Even the stories of her mother and how much she loved her can’t drive out the fear that creeps up her back every night. Or the cold blooded future she knows will mark her in the dirt forever. The only hope she has left while escaping the clutches of Queen Amara is the voice of her father.

“Remember Eira. Remember what your mother told you…” 

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In the meantime, I have been focusing on homeschooling and organizing our new schedules. Finishing up some books on my Fall TBR and making videos. Here are some if you missed them 😀

Happy Reading and I will try to keep you updated with what I am doing and how things are going in my writer life. I am tossing around the idea of doing some writer “In the Life” videos and such. I am also considering doing some author tags too.

Also, I have taken a step back on writing reviews on this blog. But, I keep them on Goodreads if you are interested 😀

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