Melanie Kilsby was born in a quaint rural town on the northern part of Quebec. Her family split and she ended up in a small town where her mother was born and raised on the West coast of Canada. Dealing with child hood issues and a torn family, Melanie sought love and acceptance in most anything. Sadly, never feeling satisfied. She took to journalling to release her heart aches and realized she had a gift. Everything was written in a poetic embrace effortlessly.

     From there her life turned ugly until she found her one true love…Jesus! He came and set the captive free! She was free from so many struggles and felt so honoured God would love her so much to die for her and the world. She wanted to serve Her Saviour in any way she could. God has given her many things and with that came a book series called Reality. The first is Reality, Darkness into Light. A fiction novel intertwined with the realities of her youth and so many that she knew.

     Now Married with 5 young and vibrant children to keep her running, she continues to serve while writing as the Lord gives her the time (and energy!).
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