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Due to Publishing issues with Tate Publishing who closed its doors recently,

Facing The Grey


Reality; Darkness Into Light

Will no longer be published at this time.

However, Melanie is working on a NEW WIP and is very excited about this. At a later date, she may continue the story of Zoe by smashing both works together into a new stand alone novel!

Until then, watch out for updates on her new WIP and keep updated on blog posts for her book reviews by signing up with your email!


WOW! what a great book! a good read for teens and parents of teens.  This is a very insightful and interesting book to read. I can almost put myself beside Zoe as she goes through all the things that happen. I would recommend this book for christians and non christians alike.  And this book will be a good teaching tool for struggling parents with problem teens or teens who feel like they are alone in the world. A very good read. I hope to collect the whole series. Keep writing Melanie you are doing a good work for the lord. “ From an anonymous Barnes & Nobles reader

“This novel will open your eyes to the works of the cult and what pressure it will have on teens my age, it will also inspire you to get the Gospel out to the kids in your neighborhood because you have no idea what is going on in their lives right now.”

Gabrielle Ansolabehere, Age 15, Author of The Life of a Teenage Unschooler.

“…Loved the journey I got to go on with Zoe! Loved that I got to experience her emotions and feel her life change as well! Recommend it to everyone… Teens especially! The root of her problems seems to be relatable to those a lot of high schoolers, but I love Zoe’s outcome, because we can all have it! Thanks for the good read…”   From a reader

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