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Fantasy and other epic genres!


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I am not familiar with Fantasy. I don’t even read a lot of it. It needs to be good story telling to understand or “feel” as if I am in the story. C.S. Lewis captivated this concept so well in The Chronicles Of Narnia. The Secret Garden had aspects of this as well. All of these gave you the feeling as being “in” the story. You saw the world. You understood it. That is good story telling. I was worried I would not capture that in 1000 words or less. You see, one of my Goodreads groups challenged us to write a short Fantasy story. Well, I was up for the challenge but I write Realistic Fiction! So, let’s just say, I am/was nervous. Doesn’t mean I won’t do it. But very nervous. Very! You be the judge… or join us and write your own: Christian Girls’ Book Club | March Fantasy Writing Challenge

If you don’t want to join but are curious what I wrote. I will add it here too 😀

But! Please be kind lol! This is scary venturing into a new genre. And, it isn’t edited… obviously-

No Surrender In The Highlands

300-1000 word Fantasy Story Challenge by Melanie Kilsby 2016

“Enough!” Cried the wind. It’s arms whirling as the trees bent back and forth. Obeying without word.
“I will not go! I will not give in.” She placed her weapon back into it’s sheath. Blood dripped from her lips as she grit her teeth. She was not going to back down. A fierce gust from the wind threw her forward and smashed her whole body into the dark black dirt. Her body hit with full force spreading both her legs and her arms apart. Her head twisted and cocked to one side. She could see his form coming through the storm. His essence alone, she detested. The black clouds whisked around him with thunderous crashes of light. So bright she blinked. She opened the small slit her eyes would allow her and the earth coated her mouth. She breathed out a low sound, unable to get a full gulp of air due to the utter pain her body was in.
“No. I will not give in.”
His hideous laughter causing her spine to want to curl. Though nothing happened, her lips turned up into a glorious smile. Beside her was one of her enemies soldiers. Dead. By her weapon. She was satisfied. She won the battle. A flash of light let out and bolted towards her. She tried to lift herself and run. She couldn’t. Before the Master’s enemy was close enough to her, the small thin slit allowing her to see, was now darkening around the corner’s of her gaze. Her eyes watered and her skin goose-bumped. Her Master’s enemy stepped beside her. She could sense his presence. She could feel the moisture of the clouds and the anger in the lightening. No one could deny, he was pure evil. But there was no comparison to her Master. The majestic beauty of His storms. How He controlled the waves of the oceans on this planet. How He ministered to the sea and the air and the animals. She would not deny His greatness. No, not to anyone. Even His enemy. She would stay true to Him, even if it meant her death. And then, her vision went completely black.
She was gone.

“Get rid of her!” A high shrieking sound similar to the screech of a guitar let out and the wind howled as if it was hurt.
“Master?” The air went cold. “I can not. She is still property of the—“
“NOW!” A shot of lightening let out and the wind quickly went to work swirling around her. It picked up her limp body. Her lifeless hair flung out from her. Her stained red warrior outfit clung to her still and represented the Kingdom she stood for and would die for. Her arm slung low with His signature ring on it. A complete circle made of one pure diamond, signed with His red signature. It sparkled and shined; cutting through the dark clouds, casting a red hue, while the rest of her continued to be flown out to where she came from, the Highlands.

A fiery chariot met the limp body that approached the edge of Highland territory. A fire blazed out from it and stopped the wind mid-flight.
“Who goes there?” A loud and strong male voice spat out, catching the wind by surprise. “Wind, what is the meaning of this?” The voice rumbled out.
Before wind could answer, the fiery chariot tore the body from its grip and blew up a wall of fire in front of wind so he could not enter the Highland territory. While the flame burned, the chariot carried the lifeless body towards the Kingdom. As if everyone could sense the loss of their knight, people started to surround the islands edge as the chariot approached. A song let out and a crash of voices entered the heaven’s. The Master knew. The land went into mourning. The chariot landed near the coast line. Giant men lifted her body onto the palms of their hands high above their heads, carrying her towards their King, her Master and her Father.
Blood that dripped from her now dried and cracked lips, evaporated into small droplets reflecting the colour of a rainbow instead of the crimson red that streamed out. The giant men started now on the path that led her towards the palace. The road ladened with gold. Either side of the path was bright with green mossy grass. A vibrant contrast from the glowing yellow. The walk was long and the men’s arms began to slack as they came to the marble pillars. They entered into the centre, approaching the throne room. Seven headed men bowed their heads as the giants carried her corps along the narrow path leading to the throne room.
Then, there He was. The King. All bowed. There knees bent, they laid her down.
Her body instantly lifted up into the air, as if levitating. But everyone knew whose hands held her.
“All of you today. In all the region of Highlands. This day, will be a memorial for Jasmine. Daughter of the King of all Kings. Fighter of all things Pure and Good. Defender of the Needy and Humble. May she be remembered. May all know she is loved and never surrendered in the Highlands.”
Instead of cheers. Instead of tears, for they never came in the Highlands. Music ran out. Joyous music. A table was set and all of the Kingdom joined to eat.
At the table, a scroll role out in front of them. On it, it read:
War has broke out in the Western region. We need a warrior against the Prince of Darkness. Send someone soon. Deliver us! 
A fire broke above the table and spoke. “Who will be ready and willing?”
A boy stood tall to his feet.
“I will go. I will not surrender!”
The King smiled. “Equip him with the Spirit. He is ready. He will go!”
Loud, glorious music rang out and wafted towards the sky, warning its enemies.

 The end… for now!


Let me know what you think in the comments below and what other author’s you would like to see venture out of their genre niches?

I might even dare Historical Fiction or Regency Fiction one of these days. I have been reading a lot of it and that always helps to understand it. Who knew I would think Historical Fiction as Epic! But, I am. I know, I know. It’s silly to be so funny about it. But, if you knew how much I hated History, you would think it was hilarious. I don’t know… maybe in the end, I might just stick with Realistic Fiction, lol!





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The Drop Box of each of our lives


It reaches for beyond the borders of our Country’s and into everyones life in one way or another. My mother chose to keep me but, it was hard. We were abandoned by the father that we knew growing up. This made it so hard for my mother and us children. Still I deal with hurts and pains from those early years. Later I relied on Jesus to be my Heavenly Father and knew Him well.

There are many children who are abandoned by all family and have no hope of survival or, like in my book, feel like abortion is the only answer. That death will be their freedom, their answer. They are pressured and feel this is acceptable in this generation.

But, we are here to live life!

That is why I feel so compelled to share this incredible documentary.

The Drop Box documentary in select theatres on March 4 and 5!

Did you know that hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, every year? Focus on the Family Canada is launching The Drop Box, a powerful new documentary that tells the true story of Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect his community’s most vulnerable children. To watch the movie trailer and buy tickets, visit Thedropboxfilm.ca today!

Below is a link to a short Promo Video that I almost fell into tears with. It’s the Video teaser and is so inspiring. It reminds me of someone well know in history and we can almost say that this man is our modern-day George Muller!

The Drop Box Movie

Like in my book Reality, Darkness into Light, some young women fight through and make the very hard decision in keeping their child. Often times they are no financially secured or may have little means to give their child life. If you want to support a mother who has made that brave decision in keeping her baby, you can do so through the kindred Company here. They offer the Boxes of Hope and these boxes include supplies the mother may need.

If you are not financially able to give or support this project, please consider praying for them in this ministry!

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