Residuum – Chapter 3 (Beautiful Threat)

  Chapter 3 Beautiful Threat   Tendal saw her hair first. It looked almost golden with the hue of the sun radiating behind it. His eyes squinted trying to keep sight of the rareness of her beauty. He remembered girls … Continue reading

My First Christian Fiction Book Haul

YA/ Historical Romance AND Dystopian. I know… I just had to get it all in!!! Okay, so I finally have got the video done in my crazy life. I haven’t gotten a chance to edit it…but if I did, you … Continue reading

The Drop Box of each of our lives


It reaches for beyond the borders of our Country’s and into everyones life in one way or another. My mother chose to keep me but, it was hard. We were abandoned by the father that we knew growing up. This made it so hard for my mother and us children. Still I deal with hurts and pains from those early years. Later I relied on Jesus to be my Heavenly Father and knew Him well.

There are many children who are abandoned by all family and have no hope of survival or, like in my book, feel like abortion is the only answer. That death will be their freedom, their answer. They are pressured and feel this is acceptable in this generation.

But, we are here to live life!

That is why I feel so compelled to share this incredible documentary.

The Drop Box documentary in select theatres on March 4 and 5!

Did you know that hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, every year? Focus on the Family Canada is launching The Drop Box, a powerful new documentary that tells the true story of Pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect his community’s most vulnerable children. To watch the movie trailer and buy tickets, visit today!

Below is a link to a short Promo Video that I almost fell into tears with. It’s the Video teaser and is so inspiring. It reminds me of someone well know in history and we can almost say that this man is our modern-day George Muller!
The Drop Box Movie

Like in my book Reality, Darkness into Light, some young women fight through and make the very hard decision in keeping their child. Often times they are no financially secured or may have little means to give their child life. If you want to support a mother who has made that brave decision in keeping her baby, you can do so through the kindred Company here. They offer the Boxes of Hope and these boxes include supplies the mother may need.

If you are not financially able to give or support this project, please consider praying for them in this ministry!

Depression is the matter of the heart and spirit touching everyone, even me!

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Come one, come all to the New Year SALE Event! Get your Ebook SALE! 0.99!

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