When God Whispers

When God whispers, “Come here and be still.” Do you listen?

Do you hear Him whisper?

I have been going through some very trying moments in the last month, I can’t even begin to speak on it. And out of all my prayers, God didn’t seem to respond to any of them. 

So I thought.

However, what he did do spoke more volume than anything I was asking for.

Actually he didn’t SAY anything. That is until He actually DID something…

Guess what that was?

Just guess…

He took away something. 
Yes, you read that right. He didn’t answer my prayers or hand me the things I wanted…no…he took something AWAY.

That’s right. And it was none other than my phone. MY PHONE.

All was fine one day, then right smack dab in the middle of some of my deepest heartache’s, my only life-line seemed to vanish. And not for one day…but 7!

After mthe first frantic couple of days, I heard Him. He whispered…“Draw near to Me. Come closer. Rest in My peace.”

And so I did.

And I have to tell you, I’ve never felt better! Never more refreshed and reassured. Closer. I have loved the feeling of being closer to Jesus.

I still need work. My problem hasn’t gone away and I REALLY need more time in prayer, but He knew out of all the things I needed–a silent, UNbothered, UNtechy, UNbusy, completely gathered kind of rest–it’s what I desperately needed. 

Going forward I will be balancing my phone habits and spending more time silent and still before My Heavenly Father!

I don’t think I can do life without it.

How about you? What has God been whispering to you lately? Have you heard it? Do you need Him to? Let’s pray together…

God, help me be still. Help me to hear your whispers. Help me put away the thing that keeps me from coming to You. Help me gather my heart to You. To be close to You. Not be distracted by the world, the screen, the hype, the play by plays of life, but get to know YOU. To pour out my sorrow, my shame, my cares before You because I know You do care for me. These days are only getting worse and I need you. Help me to seek You first, worship and get to know You more.


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