Residuum | Chapter 4 | Friendly Fire

  Chapter 4 Friendly Fire   Tendal licked his lips once more. Eyeing the large dark mass that was approaching him at a steady speed, he locked his knees into a bent position and leaned over in a small hunch. … Continue reading

Residuum – Chapter 3 (Beautiful Threat)

  Chapter 3 Beautiful Threat   Tendal saw her hair first. It looked almost golden with the hue of the sun radiating behind it. His eyes squinted trying to keep sight of the rareness of her beauty. He remembered girls … Continue reading

Coffee Talk & Book Chat of Krista McGee’s Anomaly

Check out the video above for my Coffee Talk and Book chat. I am hoping to bring these to once a month so keep a look out for them and tell me what you think ;D If you want to … Continue reading

My Most Anticipated YA Fiction Books for 2015/2016

I am so excited about this compilation. It is the top books at the moment that I can’t wait to get my hands on! All Fiction, of course! This does include affiliate links for your convenience. If you do click … Continue reading

Shhhh!!!! I want to tell you a little secret…here is a little sneak peak at a future project.

I have a few different concepts I am working on right now but, this one I had under wraps. It has been my secret project up till now. I was busy compiling information to make this one a Reality based … Continue reading